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The 7th Fold Employee Wellbeing Report 2021

The aim of our Wellbeing Survey was to give organisations a diagnostic tool that can highlight specific areas, issues, health risks that are unique to their organisation and employees....

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The 7th Fold Employee Wellbeing Report 2020

The main purpose of our Employee Wellbeing Survey, 2020 was to highlight the impact of the current pandemic on the mental and physical wellbeing of employees in India....

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Panel Discussion on Employee Wellbeing

Sexual Harassment

Coping with Anxiety

How to give feedback

Coping with Grief

Time Management

What is Resilience

Career Tip

Optimism and Resilience

The Millennial Bug

I spent the last 30 minutes watching videos on the Kiki Challenge, trying to understand if the people were attempting it cause it’s fun or to post it for fun. Well if Julius...

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The self-destructing ways of Talent

TALENT. A supposed superhero in the corporate world that comes with the power to perform under pressure...

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The Power of Purpose

While the Media and our WhatsApp have been on an overdrive, churning out many solicited and unsolicited analysis on demonetization, the one topic very less talked...

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The Horrible Bosses

We must agree that Parents, Teachers and Bosses play a very important role in our lives. Each has the power to mould or mar our life. And just like life sometimes hands...

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Your EGO at work

Do you know what’s the one word that can describe most failed relationships, gender discrimination, office politics, domestic violence, saas bahu sagas? Oh wait.. Religious intolerance...

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Dear HR, Are you smarter than your candidate?

Enough and more has been said about the Uber Cab fiasco. In the wake of that and several other similar cases of frauds that can be prevented, I write this blog. ...

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A Woman in a Woman’s world

How can you not be in love with today’s woman? She is dynamic, yet simple. Aggressive yet sensitive. Confident yet inclusive. She has lifted ...

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Good Luck for your Interview!

Interviewing skills are like the song and dance of our Bollywood films. Sure the movie story is important, but these numbers will definitely sway the audience...

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The Resume Matters

Resume screening is like an arranged marriage meeting where you decide whether the girl / boy is smart, has good values, is compatible, has a good future etc etc in just 30 mins....

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Appraisal Fool’s Day

April month starts with a Fool’s Day and usually ends with your Appraisal Day. Both days showing you a mirror of how foolish you can be 🙂 So here are the Top 10 foolish employees to watch out for...

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Opportunity in the Corona Catastrophe

Here we are, in the middle of probably the biggest health and financial catastrophe of our times. In a matter of just a few days everyone in the modern world has been...

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Resilience in the time of Corona

So you have this covered… you are attending a meeting sitting on your sofa sipping a glass of warm water with turmeric and ginger, with above the waist formal dressing...

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